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The Kit Bag from Hill People Gear is our goto hiking day bag

It’s no secret we’re fans of the quality packs & bags that Hill People Gear turn out. There is one bag from HPG that holds the favorite spot for it’s functionality. We’re asked about this bag every time we have it on a hike of camping.

The chest worn Kit Bag has been with us on just about every outing for nearly two years. The easy access to your gear without slowing down, stopping to pull off you back pack or taking your eyes off the trail is a game changer.

There are three compartments:
front zip pocket with two sewn dividers and two hanging loops
main top zipper access compartment with two interior wall pockets and dummy cord loops
rear quick access pocket meant for pistol storage

The rear panel of the harness(on your back) is mesh. There are grimlocs and lifter straps for docking to other packs.

I try to be a minimalist when packing for trail hikes or just leaving the campsite. This pack carries enough to cover the bases. When not using the rear compartment for a handgun it fits my collapsible water bottle.

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