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SOLKOA’s Ultra-light survival kit

This is the sort of product that is so well thought out and so non-obtrusive that there’s no excuse for getting caught unprepared. The SOLKOA Survival Systems SUMA Elite Kit is a derivative of military kits being used on deployment. There are 24 survival items packed into this 1.3 pound, 2.5″ x 4″x 1.5″ ultra light weight container that has been machined out of machined out of billet 6061 aluminum.

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Interview: Tim MacWelch Survival Expert & Author

 |  Profile is happy to bring you the first of a series with author and survival skills instructor Tim MacWelch. Tim operates a survival school in Virginia. He has previously trained law enforcement, US Armed Forces, State Department Personnel, Department of Justice Agencies. He and his school Advanced Survival Training have...

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No matches? 3 Ways to Make a fire

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an excerpt from Prepare For Anything by Tim MacWelch Matches and lighters should be your primary fire makers, but it’s also smart to have some redundancies built into your survival gear. Add these backup methods to your kit, and you’ll always have a way to build a fire. MAGNESIUM BARS Magnesium fire starters...

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