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I naturally gravitate towards gear that fits a niche perfectly. Where an “all rounder” bit of gear might suffice, some tools just work perfectly in a certain arena or tick the boxes for your operating mode. I found a great day pack knife in the HIT(Handle Inversion Tool) knife from DPx Gear. I have had HIT Cutter in my hiking Kit Bag since we got our first shipment. The knife is light, but well built and has a built in carabiner. I’ve made use of this to attach a paracord tether attached to a dummy loop in my Kit Bag. The most obvious feature of this knife is that it can be carried safely without the need for a sheath. The blade guard rotates off the blade and onto the handle. This is easily done with one hand. The carabiner and ability to carry without a sheath make a sturdy tool that you can throw into pack and grab when needed. It feel more like grabbing a fixed blade knife as opposed to a clunky folder. After playing around a bit the motion to manipulate the blade guard with one hand becomes very easy.

DPx HIT Cutter specs:
Overall Length: 5.50″
Blade Thickness: 0.19″
Weight: 2.88oz
Blade Length: 2.00″
Blade Steel: CPM S35-VN
Temper: 61 HRC

DPx is out of stock right now but we have 4 left. Get in touch if you’d like to snap one up.

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