DPx HIT Knife

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                                  I naturally gravitate towards gear that fits a niche perfectly. Where an "all rounder" bit of gear might suffice, some tools just work perfectly in a certain arena or tick the boxes for your operating mode. I found a great day pack knife in the HIT(Handle Inversion Tool) knife from...

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kit bag hill people gear

The Kit Bag from Hill People Gear is our goto hiking day bag

It's no secret we're fans of the quality packs & bags that Hill People Gear turn out. There is one bag from HPG that holds the favorite spot for it's functionality. We're asked about this bag every time we have it on a hike of camping. The chest worn Kit Bag...

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hill people gear kit bag

Hill People Gear Kit Bag in Black

  We ordered a special run of our favorite hiking day bag. The awesome Kit Bag by Hill People Gear. I've worn this kit bag on many hikes and I don't believe it's functionality can be beat. If you are a minimalist like me and like easy access to your gear...

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SOLKOA’s Ultra-light survival kit

This is the sort of product that is so well thought out and so non-obtrusive that there’s no excuse for getting caught unprepared. The SOLKOA Survival Systems SUMA Elite Kit is a derivative of military kits being used on deployment. There are 24 survival items packed into this 1.3 pound, 2.5″ x 4″x 1.5″ ultra light weight container that has been machined out of machined out of billet 6061 aluminum.

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